TRIUMPHS  is an online student platform that encourages students to participate and compete in gamified activities to demonstrate their abilities and get recognized and rewarded. Established with a view to improving students' cognitive skills, character and education through co-curricular activities.

We also provide real-time and accurate information about Competitions, Quizzes, Scholarships, Cultural Festivals. It aims to cater to all the elements/needs of the ecosystem that comprises students, professionals, and institutes as stakeholders.

Our Vision 

To provide diverse learning experiences for students outside the traditional classroom, we offer a range of national competitions spanning multiple age/grade categories to students from Grade I to Grade XII. Digitally enabled competitions begin at the school level and then advance to the state level and culminate at the national level.


To give your child the opportunity to learn and experience competitions in a fun way yet with a competitive spirit, along the way embracing technology, facilitating his/her initial steps into the digital world.